Reiki Certification Classes

Making Reiki Training Affordable: Saving Money on your Reiki Class Tuition

Shonye Talor, Licensed Reiki Master & Member of International Center Of Reiki Training Association holding Reiki Certification classes every 1st weekend of the month Level 1 & 2, second weekend ART Class and third weekend Master Reiki Classes! July 2014 Classes enrollment is starting NOW.

Basic Fees

The basic fees for the different levels of Reiki training are as follows:
Reiki I & Reiki II – $450
Advance Reiki Training (ART) & Master  - $1150

Empowering Others

Each person you empower to take training results in the following discount for you & empowered, both get following discounts: (That Person either should train with you or at least pay deposit money before your training date)
Reiki I – 25.00
Reiki II – 25.00
Advanced Reiki Training (ART) – 25.00
Reiki Master – 75.00

PAY NOW to get 20% discount.



There are some ways that you can save money on these trainings through the following discounts:

Advanced Registration
Deposit $75 fifteen (15) days in advance and save the following amounts
Reiki I – 10.00
Reiki II – 10.00
Advanced Reiki Training (ART) – 20.00
Reiki Master – 50.00

Review fees
If you have taken Reiki I and II with me, you may review your class with me for a fee of $50.00 each for Reiki I and II. If you have previously taken ART/Master with me, you may review for $100.00 per day. It is not necessary to take all days of a class but it is preferred.

Young Student Discount (age 13-18)
Reiki 1 & 2 $100 off, on a space available basis. No other discounts apply.

Take $30 off ART, $50 off Reiki Master
For Young Adult ages 21 -29. Take $25 off Reiki I, and $25 off Reiki II, and $30 ART, $50 off Reiki Master.

Military and Disable
If you or your spouse is on active duty in the military or on disability, you can take $30 off Reiki I, Reiki II, and ART. Take $50 off Reiki Master.

You can combine most discounts!

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