Frequently Asked Questions

Question-MarkWhat is WELLNESS?

Wellness is a state of wellbeing from the inside out.

Question-MarkDo you accept my insurance?

Currently we are not taking any forms of insurance for our services. But we are so determined to make our mission Life360, a Full Circle Wellness Spot in our community, that we can match your insurance specialist co-pay for your consultation.

Question-MarkDo I have to be unwell to get your services?

Absolutely not! While we strongly encourage our guests to remain active, we accept individuals of all walks of life. Whether you need a full-day relaxation package, a completely new you or a quick-energy healing session, you’ll find it here.

Question-MarkWhat is Life360?

HEALING VISION for Mind Body Soul Spirit…
It means going full-circle, creating conscious choices and living a deliberate life!

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